Hormone Guru Tara Scott, MD

I know what it is like to suffer with imbalanced hormones!

I am here to tell you - it doesn't have to be this way. You are not broken and you can heal. Regardless of what your doctor told you, the tests say and what you believe.  You can get it all back!
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My Story...

I first became involved with hormone and integrative medicine while practicing as an OB/GYN.  I had suffered with endometriosis, infertility, irregular periods, and several other symptoms. It was my brother though who inspired me to do more.  As a traditionally trained physician I had noticed that my patients were still struggling just as I had, then when my brother passed away at an early age even though everything was "normal" it led me to exploring other approaches to health and restoring wellness. I became trained and certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. The evidence-based practices that help many patients conquer chronic wellness issues.

It soon became clear that a practice devoted strictly to evidence-based regenerative medicine, highly focused on hormone-related issues, was needed in the medical community. I founded Revitalize Medical Group as an answer to helping women receive the care they needed to revitalize their hormones.  

I also began teaching medical professionals across the globe the things I had learned.  Helping to instill the approach of prevention of disease rather than early detection.  When we address the underlying root cause of symptoms we can help the body rejuvenate.
Because of my passion for educating not only the medical community but also empowering patients, I later founded Hormone Guru Academy where women have access to evidenced based hormone balancing strategies. My mission is to equip women with the information they need to revitalize their health and more importantly prevent chronic disease.

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