5-Day Boot Camp

Revitalize Your Hormones

October 3-7, 2021 7PM EST

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5-Day Boot Camp

Are you ready to Take your Health To The Next Level? 

Join Tara Scott, MD, the Hormone Guru, and her team at Revitalize Medical Group for 5 days as they help you with laying the foundation to resetting your hormones and reclaiming your energy!  Put an end to the frustration of being told everything is fine and get on the path to optimizing your health!

Join Dr. Tara & her team today to Get Revitalized!

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The #1 reason that women continue to suffer from hormonal symptoms is that they don’t have access to the right information

Tara Scott, MD

Seize Your Moment

What You Get

Live Call

5 Days Live with Revitalize Medical Group:  Dr. Tara Scott, Dr. Marguerite Weston, Jerrica Sweetnich, ND, and Beth Kaczmar!

Hormone Reset Guide and downloads covering what to eat, when to eat, detoxification strategies, and resources for hacking your circadian rhythm.

In addition, you will get our What You MUST Know About Hormones Guide!



Want to get your questions answered in real-time?  Join us on the actual zoom call where you can ask your questions live on the call.  

ONE extra day!  

*Day 6 we will cover Testing & Treatments and exclusive VIP Q&A

Also included in the VIP Upgrade is access to our Revitalize Your Hormones Course a $149 value!  This 13 module course delves deep into your hormone health and was modeled after the same content Dr. Scott teaches practitioners around the globe.  Now you can access it anytime, anywhere!

To help you take the next steps VIP’s will ALSO get one free call with our health coach Beth Kaczmar!

*day to be determined for the VIP day


  • Ortho Molecular Detox
  • Amazon Happy LIght
  • InBody Packages
  • Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Essential Oils
  • Heart Math Cord
  • And more!


Here is what women say about

Dr. Tara’s past workshops

Everything about the workshop was great! I realized that I had more changes to make and further testing to help me get back on track. I’m glad that Revitalize offers that. I also felt like I wasn’t alone and being a part of the group was really fun and supportive!



Sometimes it can be overwhelmingly daunting that there is so much I have to do. It was helpful that you provided your own stories, that you’re not perfect, and that we can begin to create changes and replace things one at a time. It’s a relief to know that I don’t have to change EVERYTHING at once.


I Get It!

You’ve tried many things to get yourself back into balance, been for your check-up and follow traditional health advice.… and yet you’re constantly feeling tired, “puffy”, irritable and fatigued – while you see other women thrive in their careers, enjoy their family and have a blast during their “girl’s night out”.  That is why I created this boot camp to help you experience life to the fullest!


Join Our Hormone Boot Camp and Get Revitalized!